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Computer Chip


Electro Reps, Inc. provides those we represent with professional sales and marketing services. Companies have relied on Electro Reps, Inc. for over 40 years as their outsourced field sales organization.

Amphenol PCD Shenzhen

Interconnect Cables Assemblies, Connectors and complete Customized Interconnect Solutions for Industrial, Energy Storage, Railway and Hybrid Electrical Vehicle markets


LCD Character & Graphic Displays & Modules, TN, STN, FSTN, Color STN & TFT, COB, COG, TAB, COF, & SMT Bonding Technologies

Electro-Space Fabricators

Precision Metal Fabrications Including Custom Card Enclosures & Boxes, Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication, Custom Cosmetic Front Panels & Accessories, VME Card Racks, Card Cages, Frames & Injection-Molded Plastics, Services Including Value-Added Assembly, Design, & Value Analysis


GCT is an established manufacturer of World Class PCB Connectors and Cable Assembly Solutions. With an extensive product range from Board to Board, USB Types, SIM Card, DC Power Jacks, Custom Connectors Solutions, and Overmolded Cable Assemblies.


Perfection in precision manufacturing technologies provide the foundation for high-data-rate and high-frequency solutions that feature very small, high-performance connectors. RF Connectors, Cable Assemblies and Switches, Micro-Coaxial Connectors, Board-to-Board Connectors, FPC/FFC Connectors, ZIF and LIF Connectors, Auto-Lock Connectors, Input/Output (I/O) Connectors, ideal for Wi-Fi®, 4G LTE, 5G, Bluetooth®, GPS, WiGig™, M2M, IoT, SigFox, WiSUN, NB-IoT and LoRa® applications.


OPTO LEDs, LED Displays, IR Devices, & Optocoupler

Mega Electronics

Power Cords, Plugs, Connectors, Power Supplies, DC/DC & AC/DC Converters, Wire & Cable

Micro Crystal

Low-Frequency Crystal, Tuning Fork (< 2MHz), Real-Time Clocks, Low-Frequency Oscillators, Tuning Fork (< 2MHz) OCXO AT Cut / HFF Crystal & AT Cut / HFF Oscillators


Leading manufacturer of reed switches and reed- and hall-based sensor technology for the automotive, domestic appliance, industrial, white goods, e-mobility, sports and leisure, metering & control, medical and various other industries.

Renata Batteries

Offering Consumer, Industrial, Primary, and Secondary Battery Products, 3V Coin Cell; tabbed, Thin Film, and Rechargeable. Lithium, Silver Oxide, Lithium Polymer Rechargeable, and Battery Holders


A Qualcomm & TDK Joint Venture. We Offer a Comprehensive Portfolio of Filters & Filter Technologies, Including Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW), Temperature-Compensated Surface Acoustic Wave (TC-SAW) & Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) Solutions to Support the Wide Range of Frequency Bands Being Deployed in Networks Across the Globe for Applications Including Wireless, Automotive, & Industrial

Seiko Instruments USA

Thermal Printers & Wireless Thermal Printers, Mechanisms & Auto-Cutters

TDK/TDK Electronics

Inductors, Protection Devices, Ceramic, Aluminum & Film Capacitors, Sensors, Front-End Modules, RF Components, Transformers, Ferrites, EMC Components, Piezoelectric Devices, Wireless Charging Coils, BTLE & WLAN Modules


Standard & Custom Terminal Blocks, PCB & Rack Mount

Xymox Technologies

Functional Printing Including Custom & Stock Membrane Switch Assemblies, Capacitive Touch Sensors, NFC Antenna, & Security Circuitry